Helping drive
counterfeits to zero

Project Zero uses the power of Amazon technology combined with brand insights to detect and remove counterfeits.

The next level of counterfeit protection

Project Zero unlocks exclusive counterfeit protection for brands like yours who are experienced in using our brand protection tools.
Power up your automated protections
Provide us with key data points and we will proactively remove suspected counterfeits from our stores. We monitor over 8 billion listing updates every day, looking for potential counterfeits.
Remove counterfeits instantly
Access the unprecedented ability to immediately remove counterfeit listings – without the need to contact us. Accurate submissions continue to drive our feedback loops to automatically block violations before they impact customers.
Disrupting counterfeit networks
Add unique codes to your products to proactively prevent counterfeits from reaching customers on a unit level with our optional serialisation service. Whether the order is fulfilled by Amazon or another seller, every unit shipped is verified as authentic.

Protect your brand with the power
of Amazon



Brands enrolled in Project Zero.



Daily attempted changes to product detail pages were scanned by Amazon’s automated technology for signs of potential abuse.



Blocked or removed listings were found by our proactive controls, before a brand had to find and report it. These listings were suspected of being fraudulent, infringing, counterfeit, or at risk of other forms of abuse.

From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies

join the growing number of brands in Project Zero

You may already be eligible for Project Zero

Enrolled in Brand Registry with a registered trademark?

Sign in to Brand Registry and visit the Project Zero page to see if you’re eligible.

Not yet eligible for Project Zero? Here’s what it takes.

Regardless of your selling relationship with Amazon, you must have:
• A Brand Registry account with a registered trademark and a Rights Owner role.
• Submitted reports of potential infringements via the Report a Violation tool with an acceptance rate of at least 90% over the last six months.
To prevent misuse of our tools, Amazon has the right to evaluate additional factors to determine a user’s eligibility.
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